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Wednesday, August 23

Room: Sheraton Hall B
Luncheon Symposium supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Unraveling the DNA trail of a Serial Rapist

Join us to hear Julie Weil share her personal story of survival and how technology such as Applied Biosystems Globalfiler kits are helping law enforcement agencies identify and apprehend attackers. DNA testing helped to catch Julie’s attacker, but thousands of victims are still waiting to find justice. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Julie’s story and learn more about the latest advances in technology helping to clearing the backlog of untested sexual assault kits. Visit the Behind the Bench blog for more on Julie’s story and the challenges facing forensic scientists and law enforcement in the fight to bring perpetrators to justice.

Speaker: Julie Weil, rape survivor and founder of Not Just Me Foundation

Room: Osgoode Ballroom East
Luncheon Symposium supported by Labworks International Inc.
The Ergonomics of Life and Death, Advancing Forensic Pathology from the Basement into the Future

This presentation will demonstrate the advancements of the modern Forensic Medicine Facility from the past into the future by demonstrating where these facilities started, are today, and could be in the future. The presentation will focus on actual installations and the solutions that new facilities offer.

Speakers: Russell McElroy, Principal Architect, McClaren, Wilson & Lawrie, Inc and Glen McCarthy, President & CEO, Labworks International Inc.

  • Introduction of Today’s Issues and Solutions:
    • Examples of Existing Facilities that have Not Been Improved – R. McElroy
    • Examples of Specific Conditions Needing Attention – R. McElroy
  • Impact of Problems Directly Affecting Staff – R. McElroy
  • Creative Ideas for Resolution in Current Facilities – R. McElroy
  • In the Future:
    • Automated Storage and Retrieval of Decedents – G. McCarthy
    • Addressing Height Differences of Staff – R. McElroy
    • Virtual Autopsy Technology – R. McElroy

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Thursday, August 24

6:30-8:00 am
Room: Osgoode Ballroom East
Breakfast Symposium supported by Agilent Technologies
New Sample Prep Cartridge & BAC Columns that Improve Chromatographic Separations and Data Quality

Learn about efficient extraction of THC and its major metabolites from biological samples as well as the latest columns available for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) analysis at Agilent’s Breakfast Session at IAFS. This educational session will offer new and innovative sample prep and column technologies that will optimize your chromatography and improve laboratory efficiency. Ask your technical questions to our application chemists over coffee and breakfast at our free Breakfast Session.

> Fast quantitative Analysis of THC and its Metabolites in Biological Samples Using Captiva EMR-Lipid and LC/MSMS
Speaker: Christophe Deckers, Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies

> Improved Resolution and Peak Shape Performance for the Determination of Blood Alcohol Concentration
Speaker: Vanessa Abercrombie, Application Chemist, Agilent Technologies

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Room: Sheraton Hall B
Luncheon Symposium supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Seeking answers from cold cases – a panel discussion

A cold case by its very nature is a case that has not yet been fully solved and is not the subject of a recent criminal investigation. In this panel discussion we explore how new technical methods such as Next Generation Sequencing can be used to help solve cold cases that have yet to be cracked with more traditional DNA analysis methods. Panelists will explore scientific advancements such as SNP assays that infer biogeographic ancestry and physical traits for investigative lead generation, legislative and lab considerations surrounding court admissibility of NGS data, and cold case examples.


  • Detective Lindsey Wade, Tacoma Cold Case Unit
  • Dr. Jack Ballantyne, University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Daniele Podini, George Washington University
  • Tim Schellberg, Gordon Thomas Honeywell
  • Angela Koenig, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Human Identification Professional Services

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