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laurentian-university_web Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine
UWLogo_cmyk_Faculty Template_IH University of Technology Sydney (UTS)


Confirmed Exhibitors

agilent_web Agilent Technologies is a worldwide provider of GC, LC, MS and Spectroscopy instruments, technologies, related consumables, support, services, and workflow solutions that enable labs to analyze, confirm and quantify substances of interest with confidence while maintaining the most stringent laboratory practices, from sample preparation to final report. (
ANAB Excellent forensic laboratories are built on excellent science. And excellent forensic scientists ask the hard questions. They don’t miss details. They specialize in the overlooked and underestimated – because a good scientist knows that details matter.  At ASCLD/LAB, we couldn’t agree more.  Since 1982, we have been committed to the ongoing support, education and oversight of facilities striving for excellence in forensic analysis. (
bluestar_web Bluestar® offers crime scene investigation tools combining outstanding performance, great ease of use, and safety.  Bluestar® Forensic easily reveals latent blood traces.  Bluestar® OBTI and Bluestar® Identi-HEM® rapid tests confirm the human origin of the blood. The Bluestar® Identi-PSA® rapid test detects sperm PSA on a presumed sexual assault victim. (
bruker_web Bruker offers a wide range of analytical turnkey XRF, TXRF, µ-XRF, XRD, LC-TQ, GC-TQ, Q-TOF, Infrared and Raman solutions for the reliable and fast identification of crime scene evidence, toxins, DNA, traces, drug abuse and pharmaceuticals. In addition, Bruker offers comprehensive reference libraries for the quick and accurate identification of unknown substances, as well as validated easy-to-use software. (
centre-of-forensic-sciences_web The Centre of Forensic Sciences provides independent scientific laboratory services to support the administration of justice and public safety in Ontario. Highly specialized forensic analyses are conducted in Biology, Chemistry, Documents, Firearms and Toolmarks, and Toxicology. The CFS is accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors. (
COPAN Diagnostics, Inc. (
craic_web CRAIC Technologies builds UV-visible-NIR microscopes, microspectrophotometers, Raman microspectrometers as well as tools for micro-colorimetry and standards traceable to NIST. CRAIC Technologies instruments can image and measure the spectra of micron spot sizes by transmission, reflectance, Raman, photoluminescence and with polarized light from the deep UV to the NIR. (
crime-lab-design_web Crime Lab Design delivers integrated architectural, engineering, laboratory planning, and equipment solutions for modern forensic facilities. Well-versed in the unique challenges of these facilities: ventilation, technologies/methodologies, evidence control, accreditation criteria, and health + safety. Locations in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Philadelphia, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. (
Dubai Business Events (
eppendorf_web Eppendorf sells instruments, consumables, and services for liquid, sample, and cell handling. Products include pipettes and automated pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers, PCR equipment, ultra-low temperature freezers, fermenters/bioreactors, CO2-incubators, shakers, and cell-manipulation systems. Consumables such as pipette tips, test tubes, microtiter plates, and single-use bioreactor vessels. (
laurentian-university_web Granting Forensic degrees since 1998 and offering more FEPAC accredited degrees than anyone in Canada, the Department of Forensic Science at Laurentian University has a proven track record of teaching, research and consulting in various Forensic Science disciplines. We have toxicology, osteology, human DNA analysis and botany research laboratories on site. (
foster-freeman_web Please visit the Foster & Freeman booth for all the latest information on our products for Document Examination, Trace Evidence, Latent Prints and Footwear Evidence. Also see our unique range of Crime-lite alternate light sources. Excellent training and long-term support always guaranteed. (
Hamilton Robotics (
iafs-2020_web The Australian and New Zealand Forensic Sciences community has partnered with Business Events Sydney to bid for the 22nd triennial IAFS meeting to be held in Sydney in 2020. The conference will be at the new International Convention Centre. The whole oceanic region sees this as an opportunity to advance Forensic Science and Medicine in our region and to collaborate internationally.
justice-trax_web Since 1995 providing forensic laboratories with comprehensive case management software, outstanding customer support, software development and integration with other applications and instruments. Offering LIMS-plus and LIMS-plus DNA to manage sample work flow, including data upload and download to instrumentation. These systems are designed for forensic laboratories of all sizes. (
keyence KEYENCE is a world leader in advanced microscopes for imaging and measurement applications. Our microscopes capture fully focused images and perform 3D profile and roughness measurements with nanometer-level resolution. Our microscope is used by 10,000 companies all over the world. Stop by and see a live demonstration! (
iafs2017_icon4 Laboratory clinicians across Ontario diagnose disease through biopsies and laboratory tests. Researchers make leading edge breakthroughs that help cure and prevent disease. Forensic pathologists participate in the investigation of sudden and unexpected deaths for the benefit of families and the criminal justice system. The Department works with hospitals and the Ontario Forensic Pathology Service to train new pathologists and forensic pathologists for Canada and abroad. (
labworks_-web Labworks International is a leading North American supplier of mortuary rooms, body storage systems, body transporters, and autopsy suites. We provide complete design, supply, installation, and commissioning services for these applications. Our solutions feature innovative ideas to maximize usable space, improve ergonomics, and provide a much better work environment overall. (
Mopec logo Mopec provides American-made equipment and laboratory products to the pathology, autopsy and mortuary industries. Founded in 1992, Mopec solutions are among the best as demonstrated by the vast number of installations in America’s top healthcare institutions. Our reputation is built on decades of superior customer service specializing in consultation and customization.(
Nichevision Forensics, LLC (
Nikon Canada Inc. (
Print The Ontario Forensic Pathology Service provides medicolegal autopsies under the Coroners Act and collaborates with the Office of the Chief Coroner in death investigation. Forensic pathologists apply medicine and science to legal issues, usually in sudden deaths. More than 6000 medicolegal autopsies are conducted annually in Ontario.(
Promega Corporation (
smallpond_web SmallPond is a DNA profile databasing and matching technology. It maintains a database of DNA profile information and provides for efficient matching of new DNA profile data against the database to assist in the generation of investigative leads and/or identification of individuals. (
softgenetics_web2 Featuring: GeneMarker® HID, an NDIS approved expert software that includes: mixture analysis; relationship testing/missing persons search & familial/partial match search capabilities; contamination check/elimination database; paternity analysis; compatible with CE & RapidDNA platforms; probabilistic software and GeneMarker®HTS, for NGS data analysis of mtDNA & STRS. Demonstration & Free Trials at booth. (
sudep_web SUDEP Aware is a Canadian charity that dedicates its time and resources to the prevention of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) through efforts to bring greater public awareness; to improve and share knowledge; to support and finance research studies; and to assist families bereaved by, and living with, epilepsy. (
thermo-fisher-scientific_web Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.  From forensic toxicology testing with Thermo Scientific™ products to human identification (HID) testing with Applied Biosystems™ products, we are changing lives – and transforming the way our customers work. (
UQTR-5 L’Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières launched its forensic curriculum in 2012 within the Chemistry, biochemistry and physics department, not only to address physical, chemical, biological and digital traces detection, but also their interpretation for security and justice purposes. The LRC is its research entity mandated to tackle these issues. ( |
University of Technology Sydney (UTS) (
UWLogo_cmyk_Faculty Template_IH (
Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (

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