Important Information for Oral Presenters

 Please note: All Oral Presenters MUST complete the following 2 important steps:

    1. Submit a Disclosure Form
    2. Include a Disclosure Slide on your PowerPoint Presentation 

Disclosure Information & Forms (Required for all Oral Presenters) – Please submit no later than August 4, 2017

All Oral Presenters must fill out the University of Toronto’s Disclosure Form.  Even if you have nothing to disclose, all Oral Presenters must still fill the form out, sign it an submit it back to the Conference Organizers.

How To Submit Your Disclosure Form:

      • Note that some government servers prevent the opening/accessing of the Dropbox Link

Each presenter must submit 1 Disclosure Form PER Abstract Presented.
For example:
 If you have 5 Oral Presentations, you must submit 5 Disclosure Forms

Disclosure Slides & PowerPoint Templates:

PowerPoint Presentation (Step One)

All presentation screens will be in 16:9 ratio. For best viewing experience we recommend that you prepare your slides in 16:9 ratio.

Presenters can use their own PPT template or download the IAFS 2017 PPT template here.

How to Edit the PPT Template Footer:

      1. Click on the VIEW label (located at the very top)
      2. Click on SLIDE MASTER
      3. You can now edit the Footer. Note: You only need to edit 1 Footer Slide.

How to Name Your Footer:
Final Publication Number: Presentation Title – Presenting Author

OA19-02  Jurisprudence Oral Session – Dr. John Smith

How To Create a 16×9 PowerPoint Presentation:

      1. Create a New PowerPoint Presentation
      2. Click on DESIGN (located at the very top)
      3. Set the, “Slides sized for:” to “On-screen Show (16:9)”

PowerPoint Presentation (Step Two)

Please save your PPT in the following format:

      1. Final Publication Number
      2. Surname of Presenter
      3. Example: OA19.02.Smith.ppt

PowerPoint Upload Information & Speaker Ready Room

PowerPoint Presentation (Step Three)

      • You will be contacted by our audio visual partner, PSAV, to confirm your username and password as an Oral Presenter.
      • Please make sure that you are able to receive e-mails from those two e-mail addresses
      • Once you have received your login details, you may upload your PowerPoint presentation online prior to the Conference. You may also use these login details in the Speaker Ready Room.  Please bring your presentation with you on a USB stick.
      • Please upload your presentation at the Speaker Ready Room in advance of your presentation (at least 24 hours in advance).  NO POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED INSIDE YOUR SESSION ROOM!  
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have multiple speaking sessions, please make a separate PowerPoint presentation per session.


Speaker Ready Room

Location: VIP ROOM, Concourse Level

Tuesday, August 22 12:00 – 18:00
Wednesday, August 23 07:00 – 18:00
Thursday, August 24 07:00 – 18:30
Friday, August 25 07:00 – 16:00


Disclosure Slide Quick Tips:

All slides must contain a Disclosure Slide, even if you have nothing to disclose, please include that note in your slide.  For quick tips on how to fill out a Disclosure Slide, please click here.


Should you have any questions about the presentation, please don’t hesitate to contact the Program Manager, Annie Wong,  at


Additional Information:

For more information about the Conference Program, please visit the Scientific Page here:

For more information on your presentation setup (Poster Size, PowerPoint Presentation, etc…), please visit the Abstract Presentation Page:

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