Scientific Planning Committee

Dr. Christopher Milroy
Medical Director, Ottawa Forensic Pathology Unit, OFPS
Conference Vice-President, Forensic Medicine

Dr. Kathy Gruspier
Forensic Anthropologist, Ontario Forensic Pathology Service (OFPS)

Tony Tessarolo
Director, Centre of Forensic Sciences (CFS)
Conference Vice-President, Forensic Science

Dr. Jonathan Millman
Assistant Section Head – Biology, CFS

Dr. Marc Pelletier
Assistant Section Head – Toxicology, CFS

Aleksandra Stryjnik
Section Head – Chemistry, CFS

Dr. Michael Pickup
Forensic Pathologist, OFPS

Dr. Bob Wood
Forensic Odontologist, OFPS

Duncan Way
Forensic Artist, Ontario Provincial Police

Dave Tovell
Program Manager – OPP Forensic Identification Services, OPP

Mary Park
Program Lawyer, Osgoode Hall Law School

Dr. Brian Yamashita
Research Chemist, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Detective Thomas Greer
Forensic Identification Services, Toronto Police Service

Jeffrey R. Manishen
Criminal Lawyer/Partner, Ross & McBride LLP

Renee Kosalka
Forensic Anthropologist, OFPS

Dr. Reuven Jhirad
Deputy Chief Coroner, Office of the Chief Coroner

Mr. Michael Marchen
Police Sciences, Toronto Police Services (retired)

Mr. Jean C. Dumont
Forensic Document Examiner, Québec Ministry of Public Security 

Dr. Charis Kepron
Forensic Pathologist, Ontario Forensic Pathology Service (OFPS)

Dr. Kristopher Cunningham
Forensic and Cardiovascular Pathologist, Ontario Forensic Pathology Service (OFPS)

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