Executive Governance Committee

Dr. Michael Pollanen
Chief Forensic Pathologist, Ontario Forensic Pathology Service (OFPS)
President IAFS and Conference Chair

Tony Tessarolo
Director, Centre of Forensic Sciences
Conference Vice-President, Forensic Science

Dr. Christopher Milroy
Medical Director, Ottawa Forensic Pathology Unit, OFPS
Conference Vice-President, Forensic Medicine

Dr. Toby Rose
Deputy Chief Forensic Pathologist, OFPS
Conference Vice-President, Planning and Logistics

Joy Stevenson
Director/CFO, Corporate Services, MCSCS
Conference Treasurer

Martin Chicilo
Director, Operational Services, OFPS;
Conference Financial and Controllership Support

Stuart McGetrick
Director, Communications Branch, Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS)
Communications Liaison

Effie Waldie
OFPS Strategic Advisor
Conference Executive Support

Sue Balaga
University of Toronto Administrator
Conference Executive Support

James Parry
Project Manager, IAFS 2017

My Phuong Pham
Project Assistant, IAFS 2017

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